Cryolipolysis using Thermal shock method

The Nu WB T-Shock CryoTherapy

Body Sculpting with WB T-Shock CryoTherapy is our newest and most effective fat reduction (cryolipolysis) machine and skin rejuvenation machine. The machine is based on the thermal shock fat reduction study done at Harvard University.

Most people have cellulite and stubborn fat pockets, which, for the most part, cannot be eliminated through diet and exercise. With the WB T-Shock CryoTherapy, fatty deposits are reduced by using thermal shock. By alternating warm and cold treatments directly to the skin, blood vessels in a localized area are constricted and this results in the reduction of fat with the preservation of surrounding non-fat tissue thus offering a more dramatic firming and fat reduction effect.

The purpose of the treatment is to lower the temperature of the fat cells enough to cause what is known as the phenomenon of apoptosis (fat cell death). It is triggered when the temperature of the fat tissue is between 12 and 17 C which causes these cells to die. The cells are then naturally passed through the body’s lymphatic system and excreted through sweat and urine.

WB T-Shock CryoTherapy uses a hand-held wand of varying sizes. This applies both heat and cold therapy thus initiating thermal shock to the fat cells. This treatment is proven to be the most effective means of fat reduction and is a service that can be done 10-14 days apart depending how quickly your lymphatic system flows.

CoolSculpting Vs WB T-Shock CryoTherapy

CoolSculpting is a good means of reducing fat but it can cause Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia, PAH. This is hard lump of fat that can result due to the technique involved in CoolSculpting. PAH is caused by a static hold of extreme cold temperatures to one isolated area for too long. PAH is rarely seen with the WB T-Shock CryoTherapy method of fat reduction. This is solely due to the hands-on massage technique used with the wand.

How quickly can you do the treatment? Can I pop in during my lunch break? Any downtime?

The body contouring treatments last for roughly 30 minutes and are done manually employing a massage technique. The session begins with period of heat and then a prolonged period of cold therapy (22-26 minutes) and then back to heat depending on the area being treated.

We have formulated a plan for each body area so as to achieve the best result possible.

There is no downtime, no swelling involved or unsightly redness or patches…so you can do this and get back to work with no-one being the wiser.

What else does the T-Shock CryoTherapy do?

Not only does it get rid of unwanted fat cells, it also helps fight the dreaded skin sag from ageing.

Reversing the effects of ageing is achieved by using the shock of alternating cold and hot therapies. It triggers the deep layers of collagen back into production. The plumpness and firmness is not achievable with other non-invasive techniques. For facials, the T-Shock CryoTherapy comes stock with a coupling device for precise treatments to smooth out wrinkles and blemishes to create a tighter skin appearance immediately after treatment. The results are even more profound after 4-8 sessions, with clients reporting more youthful looking skin, as well as a reduction of puffiness around the eyes and smaller pore size appearance.

The T-Shock CryoTherapy can also be used to treat acute inflammation and swelling like an Ankle sprain….yes(tried it on our staff and it worked!!!)

Why can’t I have all my sessions at once!!!?

Fat reduction treatments is performed once every 14 days and lifting treatments can be performed every 7 days.

There is a physiological reason for this:

when apoptosis occurs and some fat cells die, waste is formed. This will be eliminated by natural routes (blood, lymphatic system, and urine). Metabolism must, therefore, be allowed to evacuate this waste without overloading the system.

What areas can be treated?

That’s the Nu WB T-Shock CryoTherapy.

With Prices starting as little as £75 per session*.......

Now are you ready to get rid of that stubborn fat/Cellulite…..?

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*price depends on area treated

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